Ampendage Amp Stand

Ever had trouble hearing your amp at gigs? Subjecting your audience to a louder and/or brighter sound than you?

The Ampendage maybe for you then…

For years, guitarists with small stages to play and backline only setups (ie no PA system) have struggled to get a good guitar sound for both themselves and the audience. Often the amp is placed on the floor and facing the back of your legs; you can't hear it clearly over the drummer's clatter and rumbles from the bassist. Thing is, turning up the amp's volume and/or raising the treble EQ is not always the best option - you may hear yourself a little better but the audience may find the resulting loud, piercing guitar tone a little too much to bear! So, various manufacturers have created devices to either angle the amp so the speaker is pointing upwards or to raise it off the floor so you can hear yourself.

Ampendage is one such company that makes a stand that both raises the amp off the floor and angles the speaker upwards so it's pointing at your head. Good for you, good for your audience. The Ampendage comes as several black MDF boards flat packed that you assemble yourself. Assembly takes around 15 minutes and although it's not collapsible once built, it's not too big or heavy to inhibit its cartage in your car. Although primarily aimed at 1x12 combos, it can also hold 2x12 combos and the height puts a combo's controls readily to hand without having to reach downwards.

In use, it greatly improves what you hear so in effect improves perception of your playing for you, your band and the audience. It even comes with a carry handle that stops your amp sliding off the stand. Priced at $58 (plus shipping and handling), the Ampendage amp stand may just be the kit that keeps everyone and you happy about what you play. Good stuff!


12" high

14" wide

12.5" deep

amp standing surface 11"

Weight - 8.4lbs/3.8kgs

Able to hold a load of up to 300lbs

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