Guitarist cover star arrested

Great timing! The same day that Tom Morello appeared on the new cover of Guitarist, he also got arrested in LA. The Audioslave guitarist was among approximately 400 protesters arrested on the evening of 29 Sept during a march to raise awareness for immigrant hotel workers' rights.

Morello performed under his Nightwatchman alias at a rally before the march, but was then charged with unlawful assembly for refusing to move from Century Boulevard, the main entry road to Los Angeles International Airport.

"In these political dark ages, it's important for us to stand up for one another," Morello said before the march. "These hotel workers by the airport make 20 percent less wages than hotel workers around the rest of Los Angeles. We're here to express our solidarity with them, to help them unionise and to help them close the gap between their sub-poverty wages and the millions and millions of dollars the people who own these hotels make."

Right on! Any guitarist readers fond of Morello's politicised alter-ego/side-project The Nightwatchman? Is a new Woody Guthrie/Billy Bragg musical mission what we want from one of the world's most inventive guitarists? Or should Tom just stick to the rockin´?