Glastonbury tickets: on your marks...

Those of you who have pre-registered for Glastonbury Festival tickets should set your alarm clocks nice and early for Sunday morning, when tickets go on sale for a festival line-up set to contain the likes of The Who, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire and The Killers.

Just under 400,000 people have registered for the 177,500 tickets available, which means that there´s a much better chance of getting hold of tickets than there has been in previous years when it was estimated that over 1.5 million people bombarded telephone lines and internet outlets.

Along with your registration number, you'll require the surname of each person you intend to purchase a ticket for, with a maximum of four tickets available per order. Tickets will cost £145, with an additional £5 booking fee and £4 postage and packaging per order. Book online here only, or by phone on 0870 165 2007 or +44 115 993 4183 for international orders.

Also, be mindful of the fact that debit cards, postal orders and cheques are the only accepted forms of payment. Good luck, but don´t bother calling or logging on if you haven´t already registered!

Glastonbury here we come!