Double Cream: Clapton and Co to return again for another reunion?

Cream bassist Jack Bruce has suggested that the band may reunite this autumn for a special one-off show in London.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Bruce said that he and Cream guitarist Eric Clapton are expected to attend the Zildjian Awards at the Royal Festival Hall in October to see drummer Ginger Baker receive his Drummer Achievement honour.

“‘Cause I´m only the bass player, I can´t say for sure," said a cagey Bruce. "I know there´s a good chance we may play at that event … but I don´t want to overstate it and make it into something it isn´t.”

“I would like to do some more," he added, " ´cause I enjoyed it. It was very emotional. I would like another shot at it.”

The band last performed together for shows in London and New York three years ago.

Most of us didn't see them - especially those of us that couldn't afford the obscenely high ticket prices.

So what's more likely - another Cream or Zeppelin reunion? We'll take a two for one package offer if they're willing.