Do you like taking photographs?

Admit it, we all love looking at guitars and the people who play them. So this is a shameless plug for our sister magazine Digital Camera...

Each year, the magazine organises the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year competition. It's the leading contest for anyone with a passion for digital photography and is open to both amateur and professional photographers of any nationality. Its aim is to reveal the most inspirational and imaginative photographers from around the globe. Last year, the competition attracted more than 81,000 entries from around the world.

It´s completely free to enter and there is a main prize of £15,000 up for grabs.

There are 10 categories, these include the usual: People and Portraits, Animals, and Landscapes. We have a few interesting categories this year, Hidden Britain which should expose the real character or spirit of Britain. Creative Vision; the 'anything goes' category - whether that be an image at a festival or gig, a different take on a band or people dancing. Also, there is Urban which can open doors for bringing ordinary city locations to life and reflecting everyday scenes in a new way.

For more info, head here

There is also Young Photographer of the Year, for people under the age of 17, details of which you can find

Full details at those websites, so go on, give it a go!

Editor-in-chief, Guitars Group