Bonamassa, Hughes, Bonham Supergroup Confirmed And Named

The secret is out - a supergroup including Joe Bonamassa and Glenn Hughes is more than just rumour, as their drummer Jason Bonham has confirmed.

In an interview with Spinner, the former Foreigner drummer revealed that he had been in a studio working on an album with Joe and Glenn and that they are currently working under the name Black Country.

"I just literally went into the studio last week for two days with one person I'd done an album with before, very quickly, and then the other was a friend of my father's I got to meet later on, Joe Bonamassa and Glenn Hughes, and we're working on a new project with a working title of Black Country," Bonham says. "We just went in with [producer] Kevin Shirley and played riffs and just jammed for two days. And that's really exciting."

"We're actually recording an album," he added, "literally in that process of jamming it out and editing and putting together and going, Yeah, that's really cool. Joe just wanted to play guitar so with Glenn on bass and vocals, it's a power trio."