Sander van Doorn Remix Winners!

In one of our most entered remix competitions ever, Sander van Doorn and


are proud to announce the winner of the Studio Sessions remix contest, where readers were challenged to remix the parts created during van Doorn´s

In The Studio

video. After months of listening to every single remix, van Doorn selected the winning remix as Daan Negenborn´s

Elwood Superstorm

remix. “The production was standout for me on


", commented van Doorn, “with a really clever use of the parts and a nice arrangement. The track really drives throughout, concentrating on the lower end and has the SvD sound going on, teasing in and out like many of my tracks do."

van Doorn also commented, “Other entries that came close were Glenn Broekhuizen, who had some nice chords going on, a cool breakdown and was quite funky in places. Durchgang´s remix takes an interesting interpretation of the parts and is on a more trippy tip. Their´s also has a nice Minimal feeling track from Davur Poulsen, which takes you on a nice journey.”

Daan Negenborn Elwood received the incredible Axiom Pro controller keyboard, GMedia soft synth bundle from M-Audio, Rob Papen´s Predator synth from Time & Space and the fantastic DCAM: Synth Squad from FXpansion and Sonic8 Distribution. “I really enjoyed listening to all of the entries", added van Doorn, “It's great to hear what you guys came up with. I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did! Hopefully we'll do another one sometime soon. All the best - Sander.”

You can hear the winner and runners up below or on

our SoundCloud page


Thanks to everyone that entered and keep your eyes peeled for more remix contests in



Sander van Doorn will be playing a headline slot at

Global Gathering

on 31st July as well as many other UK dates. From July onwards he will be launching a

Dusk Till Doorn

global tour which will take in over 15 dates in the summer. This will be followed up by a

Dusk Till Doorn

compilation album, released in August. Somehow he is also finding time to write for his second artist album, expected in early 2011!

Sander van Doorn Remix Competition