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Man sets fire to piano

At the NAMM show in America recently we were taken aback by Spectrasonics new Omnisphere softsynth. If you thought their Atmosphere was incredible, be prepared to be taken to a whole new level of (frankly bizarre) sonic possibility.

Key to its power is its vast psychoacoustically recorded library of samples as raw material for the synth engine. It's a hard concept to grasp so the Spectrasonics folk are helpfully running a series of videos on their website - the latest of which features that psychoacoustic recording process, featuring some of the oddest sounds ever committed to softsynth memory.

This latest episode is episode three. As promised, a man sets fire to a piano. You'll find it here. along with the previous two teaser episodes.

Now try and tell us you're not just a little bit interested...

Editor-in-chief, Tech Group