Mackie's road show hits...well, the road

You've undoubtedly seen many a movie glorifying one of the great American traditions: The Road Trip. Well, one of Mackie's executives was watching one of these fine films and came up with a great idea. He said, "Let's go on a road trip, but in the UK!" He obviously hasn't seen the Euro-skewed version of these films but, whatever, Mackie have gear to show the world it seems.

So, they've gathered up their finest Mackoids and their latest gear, put them on a plane. The UK tour starts today and providing demos of all the newest Mackie gear see dates and venues below:

Wednesday 16 Sept

10am - 4pm

Store: Confetti, Nottingham

Thursday 17 Sept

10am - 4pm

Store: Digital Village, Romford

Friday 18 Sept 10am - 4pm

Store: Andertons, Guilford