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Coaxing a vocal performance from a singer is only half the job. With hundreds of takes to comp, hundreds of empty channels to fill and a rack of virtual effects as long as your arm, it's often difficult to know where to start - and how the pros use the endless resources available to them to create the vocal sounds of today's top tracks.

We think our Ultimate Guide to Perfect Vocals will help. De-essing, mixing, adding air, parallel processing and effects... We've something for everyone trying to give their track a powerful, and exciting hook. Check it out in the May issue, alongside loads more great features, artist interviews and the latest gear reviews.

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In The Studio With Max Cooper - The innovative Techno producer invites us into his London studio for an exclusive interview and video gear tour

Mint Royale - More a decade on from the acclaimed Dancehall Places, Neil Claxton welcomes FM into his studio to discuss the future of Mint Royale

Classic Album - Morcheeba talk us through Big Calm track-by-track


The Ultimate Guide To Vocals - We guide you through the process of capturing perfect vocals from beginning to end

Understanding Phase FX - The science of phase and flange explained

The latest Live, Logic and Cubase tips


  • Bitwig Studio
  • Elektron Analog Keys
  • UA Apollo Twin
  • Korg Gadget
  • Tannoy Reveal 802 Monitors
  • Sontronics Aria
  • And more...