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And it looks like this. Awesome, non?

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The appeal of analogue gear shows no sign of abating but so far the world of drums and percussion has had scant chance to get involved. After starting out as drum synths trying (and failing) to sound like real drums, today's drum machines and libraries still primarily focus on making the real sound of something really being hit. Which is why it's so refreshing to try out the Dave Smith Instruments & Roger Linn Tempest. (Bit of a mouthful.)

With a full six-voice DSI synth on board it seems positively rude not to swap out familiar-sounding, heard-it-before drum hits in favour of analogue booms and blips of your own creation. It could be just what your samey rhythm tracks have been looking for.

But getting a better sound needn't be all about splashing the cash on new gear. Our Fix Your Studio feature this month shows you a wealth of simple tips and tweaks that'll make every bit of music you make sound better.

Meanwhile the mag is laden with tutorials for the major DAWs, we've a great feature on creating today's pitch-bent synth sounds on page 50 and we even have the audacity to tackle Michael Jackson's Thriller for this month's Get That Sound. Check the videos on the DVD too!

Finally, thanks the amazing Florian Meindl and genius Boys Noize for both inviting us into their studios this month. We're sure you'll love both. Want a sneak peek at Florian's video. Check it out below.Remember, the full version is only available with the DVD with issue 248 of Future Music magazine!

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