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It looks like this. Moody, non?

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Understanding the science of sound and the very atoms that make up your tunes may sound daunting, but a basic understanding of what's going on when you layer and mix will get you to better results faster.

Check out our Producer's Guide To Harmonics and we guarantee you'll be getting bigger and better tunes finished in record time. Elsewhere in the issue, we've our essential guide to Layering Synths, our usual Logic, Live and Cubase series and your Q&As to heap on the valuable tutorials that come in every issue of FM.

There's just room to thank John Dahlbäck for our brilliant In The Studio With session this month and special mention to superstar Carl Cox and legend Gareth Jones too.

Check out our trailer for John's session here. Don't forget: The full 90 minute lesson packed with advice from John is ONLY available on the DVD which comes with Future Music Magazine issue 246. On sale now!

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