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With today's ability to 'elasticate' audio, remixers can drag vocal parts kicking and screaming across musical genres. Meanwhile wayward 'off day' performances of under par musicians can be corrected with a few clicks. But given the wealth of tools for the job which is the best for you? Step up our Ultimate Time-Stretch Masterclass.

It gives insight into the tricks at play, tips to try out and exhaustive comparisons of five major DAWs in action. And there's 66 audio examples on our DVD that let you hear the results for yourself. We think you might view your 'favourite DAW' in a whole new light.

Elsewhere in the mag we've got stunning insight (and seven video episodes on DVD) into the making of Live Your Life by Eddie Thoneick and Erick Morillo - sure to be one of this summer's House anthems.

Then there's a trip around Dennis Ferrer's gorgeous NYC studio and a trip down memory lane with arch Electro Pop pranksters Blancmange.

And don't miss all three of our major DAW tutorials complete with video on our DVD. Admit it. We spoil you.

Check out the issue trailer - a sneak preview of the full Eddie Thoneick video you ONLY GET WITH FM - right here!

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