Future Music Issue 236 On Sale Now

Time spent in front of a computer screen, overcoming a DAW's learning curve has long been the only way to acquire the skills in order to be truly productive. But with bad habits easily becoming ingrained and new features endlessly piling complexity onto complexities are you ever really sure that you're working as quickly and as smartly as you could be?

Step up our incredible Ultimate DAW Tips issue. We've racked up eight of the world's most popular DAWs and with the help of FM's resident experts put together no-nonsense tips that cut to the heart of what today's producers need.

You'll be discovering new ways to do complex time-consuming techniques. There's ideas to inspire your next composition and even top secret shortcuts to slamming master channels.

Backing up the hi-tech tips are three sets of documentary evidence from three artists at the top of their game. We're In The Studio With Sébastien Léger (complete with video on DVD). Likewise with Holy Ghost! And we check in for a live set with Midnight Juggernauts. No other mag gives you this much insight.

And finally we've an amazing range of hard and software reviewed and rated complete with audio on our DVD!

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/v/3dQsmTc9O2I?version=3

Daniel Griffiths

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