Future Music 202 Out Tomorrow!

Future Music 202

hits your shelves tomorrow (6th June). This issue is jam packed full of our usual tutorials and reviews as well as artist interviews with Goldfrapp, Midnight Juggernauts and François K with House-master Matt Schwartz's comprehensive 10-part production tutorial on the DVD, one of our biggest and best to date. We also have an in-depth interview with Stock Aitken Waterman's secret weapon Phil 'Mixmaster' Harding, who talks about his 35 years experience in the music business.

Our reviews section is as jam-packed as ever, with the world exclusive review of Use Audio's Plugiator (more on that later), the comprehensive studio tool, Akai MPD32, the ultimate DJ gadget, Tonium's Pacemaker and the reworked classic, the Akai SR18 and much much more.

Also in


, we explore how to speed up your music making, and the make the most of your time in both the home and professional studio. Stop auditioning sounds, stop tweaking the same four-bar loop over and over and finish those tracks that have been gathering dust on your hard drive. Stop wasting time and start making great music.


Use Audio's Plugiator is the ultra-affordable, ultra-sleek hardware/software hybrid synth. Take these super-synth plug-ins on the road in a portable and controllable unit, or connect it into your studio and use the onboard DSP to run the classic synth emulations on board, without taxing your main machine. A very exciting product and you can read the full-scoop, and hear the reults on our DVD, only in

Future Music