FM217 On Sale Tomorrow

FM217 September 2009

goes on sale in the UK (followed by the ROTW) tomorrow and it's another stormer. Our cover feature goes above and beyond the competition racking up classic and chart-topping sounds and production techniques and exposing exactly how they were made - and how you can make them too! We covered heaps of modern influential sounds from Deadmau5, Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk to classic productions from Prince, Michael Jackson and Human League.

Best of all, we tracked down the people behind the hits and spoke to John Van Nest about recording MJ, Martin Rushent about producing


, Deadmau5 tells us all about producing

Random Album Title

and we even spoke to Matt 'Doctor' Fink about some of the gear modifications that went into the unique sound of Prince's

Purple Rain

. Add all that to a bunch of DAW tips and example sounds from our usual contributors and you've got a mammoth feature perfect to get your hands dirty with.

In The Studio this month sees remix-renegade and dancefloor-filler Tocadisco talk about the pressures of money and fame in the current industry as well as building an exclusive track on DVD as well as taking apart his classic

Walking Away

remix from The Egg. Plus - we visit Moby's gear-filled 'home' studio in New York to talk about how his production has changed since the massive commercial success of


ten years ago.

Our review section is as packed as ever with three exclusive reviews: Roland's Juno-Di, the long-awaited D.Cam Synth Squad and Propellerhead's fantastic new DAW Record all get the FM test, with Speakerphone 2, Waldorf Largo and Analogue Solutions' Telemark all getting a go-over - and many more besides.

And of course, our regulars are full of great tips for Logic, Live and Cubase as well as Knowledge Base covering the immense world of Modular Synthesis and we explain the vital science behind the Frequency Spectrum.

Don't forget our DVD too with 2,579 samples and plenty of tutorial videos from Tocadisco and our regular contribs. PHEW! What an issue! Don't miss it -

Future Music September - on sale tomorrow.