D. Ramirez Adds New Music Showcase To Successful Production Forum

Since renowned Music Producer and DJ D. Ramirez launched his new music technology forum http://www.dramirez.co.uk/forums, in February, the site has been going from strength to strength and has gained almost several hundred dedicated users divulging in serious music tech debate.

The interactive forum was set-up by Sheffield's finest to facilitate a real place for music geek speak for Music Producers and DJ's. After spending some time on sites such as twitter and myspace he felt there is a definite need for certain conversations but nowhere to have them. The forum also houses his innovative monthly music tech video reviews.

Dean's past in-depth video instalments have seen him take us round the masterful 'DSI Prophet 08' synthesiser and visit Deadmau5 collaborator Steve Duda at his Los Angeles studio to check out his new beat making software plug-in 'Nerve'.

Please check out the both videos below:



There are also whispers that Ramirez could be planning on reviewing the hugely popular Dcam Synth Squad plug-in by FXpansion and the powerful Thermeonic Culture Vulture within the coming months.

Dean has just added a dedicated Music Showcase section to allow users to upload their tracks and receive creative feedback from himself, people within the industry and fellow artists. Ramirez says…"This was a natural progression for the forum to take as we want to create a community for Music Producers and DJ's to get proper feedback and the encouragement they might need."

Please visit the following link to start uploading; www.dramirez.co.uk/forums