100 MixCloud invites!

For those of you who grabbed one of our SoundCloud invites a few months back, filled the cloud with your best work and are looking for a way to broadcast it all in a similarly sleek interface, you'll love MixCloud. MixCloud is a fresh new service for hosting mixes and podcasts in an easy to use and attractive GUI. Here's what the guys had to say about it:

Mixcloud is a London based startup. We're friends old and new (many of whom met at Cambridge University) connected by our love for music, problem solving and building exciting new projects.

It was through this intersection of interests that we realised there's an obvious problem on the Internet that we need to fix - that of connecting radio shows, DJ mixes and Podcasts to listeners.

We think all these forms of content offer a very similar listening experience - a "Cloudcast" - that is curated by a human enthusiast or expert. That's the important bit - we've always discovered the best new music through people we respect, so we want to help guide listeners to those people more easily.

We also believe in simplicity. We love clean design, enjoyable user experience, intuitive navigation and clear information architecture.

Excited? Good, cause we've got 100 invites to give away to you lucky FM readers - simply register on


with the code: futuremusiccloud and you'll be able to join the party. Thanks to the guys at MixCloud for the invites - hurry though, once they're gone, they're gone!