FREE PC/Mac spectral powersynth with Computer Music – Thorn CM

For our extra-special Essential Freeware 2018 issue, we’re especially proud to bring you the exclusive Computer Music edition of Thorn.

As readers of CM257 will find out, this is a monster synth that will furnish you with an endless supply of basses, pads, leads, arps, plucks, percussion and more. 

Get this showstopping synth with Computer Music’s July 2018 issue (CM257).


  • Exclusive CM version of the powerful spectral synthesiser
  • Up to 16-voice polyphony, plus Mono and Legato modes with Glide
  • 2 x spectral synthesis oscillators, with Sub oscillator per oscillator
  • Up to 8x unison (plus detune) per oscillator
  • Harmonic Editor - draw your own partials per oscillator
  • Choose one of eight Spectral Effects (Phaser, Screamer, Wah, Notch, Shift, Comb, Octaves, Primes) or one of five Real-Time Effects (FM, RM, Sync, W-Sync and PWM) per oscillator
  • Sample-based noise oscillator, plus the ability to import your own samples
  • Harmonic Filter with Harmonic Editor
  • Multimode analogue-modelled filter with 12 filter types, Resonance and Drive
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop modulation, plus dedicated Mod Matrix
  • 3 x ADSR envelopes
  • 3 x LFOs
  • 2 x Multistage Envelope Generators (MSEGs) for custom modulation shapes
  • Flexible 16-step Arpeggiator with MIDI output
  • Creative grid-based Glitch Sequencer featuring six unique effects
  • Four built-in effects – multimode Distortion, Delay, 3-band EQ and Reverb
  • Output stage features Limiter, Boost and Lo Cut
  • Comes with 167 categorised presets, plus exclusive CM patches
  • Includes Thorn CM user manual

Thorn CM has the following limitations compared to the full Thorn:

  • 2 oscillators instead of 3
  • 1 filter instead of 2
  • 4 effects instead of 9
  • Less filter models

CM257 readers also get an exclusive 30% off the full version. Buy CM257 to claim your discount, and head to the Dmitry Sches website for more info on Thorn.

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