The Week in Computer Music #1

Korg M01 for Nintendo DS
Korg M01 for Nintendo DS

Welcome to our new weekly blog feature, The Week in Computer Music, where we present an off-the-cuff rundown of the stuff that's caught our eye over the last week or so.

8-bit warriors ought to check out Plogue chipsounds (8/10, cm147), which has just been updated to v1.5. New features of this retro computer/console/arcarde sound chip emulator include a totally different skin and three brand new chip emulations. Peep the video below - it's bleepin' great!

It's unlikely that you missed Apple's recent announcements: iTunes 10 (incorporating the music-centric Ping social network), iOS 4.1, and all-new iPods, including a new iPod touch.

Apple's competitors aren't resting on their laurels, though, with Samsung generating a lot of interest in their 7-inch Android-based Galaxy Tab tablet device, which will intrigue those who can't stomach the price/Appleness of an iPad.

Still on a mobile music tip, Korg announced M01 for the Nintendo DS, which is essentially the classic Korg M1 workstation stuffed into a handheld gaming console.

Other notable releases include Sugar Bytes' Guitarist, MOTU MasterWorks Collection a bunch of MeldaProduction stuff, and a little something from Native Instruments called Komplete 7.

Lastly, SONiVOX's promo video for their upcoming Vocalizer plug-in gave us a chuckle - never have we seen two grown men display such enthusiasm for robotic vocals! The keyboardist in particular seems as if he's about to explode due to the outrageous awesomeness that occurs every time he strikes the keys. Anyway, here's the vid:

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