The Rise of the Robots

Here at Computer Music we´ve long known that one day robot technology will remove humans from the tedious process of composing and performing music altogether. Thanks to (possibly mad) scientists from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, we can now watch disembodied robot hands play the keys. If that´s not enough, the hands weren´t controlled by anything as dull as a simple artificial intelligence algorithm, but rather it uses neural activity recorded from a monkey's brain. We can´t even begin to understand how or why anyone would attempt such an activity, but if you want to see it for yourself check out the full story complete with disturbing videos.

If you thought you could chill out with a relaxing video game after learning this shocking news, you´re in for another nasty surprise - the robots got there first again! Look at this metal menace - it´s playing freakin´ Guitar Hero!

Finally, check out these drum "machines" - it´s all fun and games until they go on a murderous rampage, but until then we´re loving these massive metal miscreants.