Ohm Force announce online collaborative studio

Ohm Force

, makers of the excellent Symptohm, Frohmage and Ohmicide plug-in instruments and effects, have unveiled their latest project, which the French company has been working on for several years. The

Ohm Studio

is an online audio and MIDI sequencer for PC and Mac, offering everything you'd expect from your regular DAW, including audio/MIDI editing, envelopes, a piano roll, audio effects and virtual instruments - the only major difference being that you and your collaborators can all work on the same project in real time. What's more, Ohm Force announced that they're setting up the Cohmunity (you've got to love the company's ability to cram "ohm" into all their product names), where you can find other musicians to work with, post your mixdowns and receive feedback.

Beta testing will begin in Q3 of 2010, so the Ohm Studio is still a little way off, but this video has more than whetted our appetite:

So can you see yourself using this online studio to collaborate with other musicians around the world? Why not sign up for beta testing at


to find out?