Money for old... gold?

Today Brighton-based sample CD creators Loopmasters announced their latest product Movie Dialogue - a collection of movie samples from the golden age of Hollywood. These aren't recreations of variation either - they're the real deal sampled straight from all manner of cinematic classics.

"There has always been a tendency for people to sample films and use them in music" explains head Loopmaster Matt Pelling. "All the sounds in the collection are licensed under the Creative Commons license. In this project we've acted more like sourcers than producers. We're just testing the water really, but I think people should find the samples pretty inspiring on different levels."

The collection of 665 samples retails for £15, more details available from the Loopmasters website.

Do you think this product will be a success? Are the Loopmasters on the right track or should they stick to those masterful loops which we've come to expect?