FREE VST/AU multieffect: CrossDr CM

Created exclusively for Computer Music by French software pros Tek'it Audio, CrossDr CM is a creative tool stuffed with plenty of audio-manglin', frequency-splittin', sound-designin' goodness. Firstly, the plugin takes your input signal and routes it into three bands using resonant filters. Each band is then subjected to a series of tasty processors: a warm drive stage, a mysterious 'warp' algorithm, bit-rate reduction and digital clipping. The processed bands can then panned and mixed back together, along with the dry signal if desired.

It's a creative, flavoursome effect that proves ideal for crunching up drum loops, dissecting and mangling bass signals, heating up pads, adding grunt and grit to vocals, and much more. See it in action in our video, and get the plugin with issue 221 of Computer Music.

Features and uses:

  • Creative multiband insert effect
  • Input level control, plus treble and bass EQ
  • Signal routed into three separate bands via resonant filters
  • Resonant filter per band - LP for low band, BP for mid band, HP for high band
  • Four characterful effects per band
  • Drive - push each band into a tube distortion algorithm for a crunchy, clipped effect
  • Warp - uses DC offset shifting for waveshaping-like effects and strange saturation
  • Crush - induce digital degradation by reducing a band's bit depth (can be set to decimal values)
  • Clip - hard-clip a band for extreme distorted timbres
  • Pan and level each band
  • Dry section for mixing and panning the dry signal
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST/VST3
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST/VST3

How to get CrossDr CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 221 (CM221) and you can download CrossDr CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

Once you've enjoyed the multiband madness of CrossDr CM, point your web browser towards Tek'it Audio's website and peruse their treasure trove of creative plugins; there's Neogen, a polyphonic morphing synth; 8kut 2, a performance-oriented frequency cutting tool; plus the FX Bundle 2, containing ten excellent effects plugins such as the Badass 2 distortion sequencer, Comp compressor and DlayR pattern-based delay. Head here for more.

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