Free EQ plugin from eaReckon, only with Computer Music 184

A great equaliser is an essential part of any producer's arsenal, and Computer Music 184 includes an outstanding one: CM-EQUA 87 from French DSP masters eaReckon.

Grab our digital edition and you could be downloading this professional-quality plug-in in minutes! It's also on the DVD that comes with the print edition.

Here's what you get with CM-EQUA 87:

  • 12dB filter, switchable between low- and high-pass modes
  • Three bands of parametric EQ
  • Powerful gain range, from -24dB to +24dB
  • Upper and lower bands switchable to high and low shelf mode
  • Built-in output limiter
  • Spectral analyser
  • 32/64-bit VST/AU for PC/Mac
  • Check out this video for more info:

Get this slick plug-in right now with the print or digital editions of Computer Music 184


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