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• EXCLUSIVE free DAW for PC: Podium!

Zynewave´s Podium has been causing quite a stir recently with its powerful feature set, innovative interface and intuitive routing system, and this month we´re giving you the full 1.77 version (the only thing missing being the zReverb effect), as originally sold for $90! This amazing VST-compatible MIDI/audio sequencer is truly essential viewing for all PC musicians and yours only with this issue of Computer Music.

• 2179 royalty-free samples

This month´s exclusive collection comprises 1,567 24-bit dancehall sounds from Groove Criminals, Cyclick and Andrew Duke, 450 24-bit modular synth noises from Richard James and 162 16-bit CM Classics for your wanton usage and abusage.

• EXCLUSIVE Blu Mar Ten tutorial video

CM110´s Producer Masterclass comes from the studio of one of the UK´s best kept secrets. The Blu Mar Ten boys have remixed the likes of Erykah Badu and Annie Lennox, and make music in a plethora of dance styles, from dark DnB to dreamy downtempo. In this exclusive video they demonstrate the techniques used in creating the track from their new album Black Water - a piece composed entirely in Propellerhead Reason.


• Vista Bliss

Microsoft´s latest and greatest operating system is here at last, but should computer musicians allow themselves to be seduced by that glitzy new interface and upgrade from their perfectly stable XP setups? We separate fact from fiction to bring you the definitive guide to what´s new in Vista for the musically minded, everything you need to know about compatibility with your existing hardware and software, and our verdict on whether or not you should take the plunge.

• Total Drums!

Recording, sampling, programming, processing, mixing and more - it´s all covered in our massive tutorial, aimed squarely at helping you craft perfect beats.

• The CM Guide to Glitch

Few musical genres are as well suited to the software-based studio as glitch, with its emphasis on ‘random´ sounds, microscopic edits and pushing technology to the extreme. In this CM Guide, we walk you through a host of techniques for adding a touch (or, indeed, a fistful) of glitchery to your music.

• Copyright law made simple

With the internet making it easier than ever for independent musicians to put their work in front of a public audience, having a solid understanding of copyright law has never been more important. We cut the crap and tell you how it all works without burying you in a miserable avalanche of jargon and technicality.


• Sound Like… Motown

• Dominator in the CM Studio

• Synth Essentials: Musique Concrete

• Off the Dial: Density


M-Audio Torq Connectiv, Tascam GVI, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Celemony Melodyne Plugin, reFX Nexus, Virsyn Cantor 2 and more!


• Videogame soundtrack legend Jesper Kyd interviewed!

• Win a Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro and A.I.R. plug-ins

• Nine pages of readers´ questions answered

• The Burning Question: Will there ever be another new type of synthesis?

• Reader music reviewed

• And all your favourite regulars!

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