Computer Music 122 - The CM Guide to Live 7, NI Kore 2 reviewed and more!

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• Yellow Tools Independence Free CM Edition

Enjoy this superb ROMpler for Mac and PC, complete with a selection of CM-exclusive instrument patches, including sweet electric pianos and realistic acoustic guitars. We've also included all the content from the standard edition of Independence Free, which stacks up to a whopping 2.2GB, covering basses, synths, organs, arpeggiated patches, drums, percussion and more. This professional-quality virtual instrument would not be out of place in the swishest of studios, so be sure to add it to yours today!

• 2137 royalty-free Hi-NRG samples!

Our latest exclusive sample library indulges the passion for pumping octave basslines, staccato synths and vintage drum machine beats that lies within all of us. We've got it all, from loops to single hits and construction kits, and even a selection of superior vocals from legging-clad dance diva DMO. You'll have a hard time


creating an 80s-tinged dance smash with this lot!

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Agent X

Bassline house has been catapulted to the fore of dance music recently, and so we went on a mission to invade the studio of respected duo Agent X and capture as much info as possible on their slick-as-you-like production techniques. Under the glare of the CM camera, the pair exclusively reveal just how they got the beats so pumping and bass so wild on their remix of


by Oggie.


• The CM Guide to Live 7

Whether you've recently upgraded or are merely thinking about doing so, our guide to the great new features of Live 7 is for you. Walkthrough tutorials explain how to use new features such as Drum Racks, sidechaining, REX slicing, and Tempo Nudge, not to mention the new effects and instruments.

• Abstract electronica workshop

Take a different approach to creating electronic music with our mind-expanding guide. Two abstract pieces of music are written from scratch, each tackled from a different angle - one top-down, the other bottom-up. Once composed, we demonstrate how to master them in a manner that's sympathetic to their style - pop music, this ain't!

• Eat Static

The stalwart, spaced-out electronic duo talk to Computer Music about their studio setup, composing techniques, and approach to taking their sound onto the stage. And while synth addict Joie Hinton might not even own a computer himself, he and is cohort Merv Pepler certainly like to get their teeth into plenty of software in the studio.

• Analyse this

If audio visualisation tools appear to be nothing more than a cryptic yet colourful lightshow to you, then allow us to remove the veil of mysticism that can shroud these highly useful mixing tools. Our walkthrough tutorials explain just how you can use a spectral analyser to detect frequency anomalies, how to put a goniometer to use to check your tracks for stereo phasing issues, and more.

• Reviewed!

Native Instruments

Kore 2

• Novation

nio 2|4

• Mackie

Control Universal Pro

• Blue Cat Audio

Analysis Pack

• Notion Music

Notion 2.0

• Audio Damage

Fluid, Liquid & Vapor

• Studio Devil

Virtual Guitar Amp

• GForce

Virtual String Machine

• Sugar Bytes

Artillery 2

• …and more


• Win a PreSonus FireStudio and MSR, worth £1067GBP

• Warm up your mixes with our guide to analogue emulation

• Guitar Lab: Get great acoustic tones in software

• Synth Essentials: Make your synths speak with formant filters

• Off The Dial: Dive into 12-tone music

• The Easy Guide: Triplet-time rhythms made simple

• Give It Away Now!: We report on the best freeware we've seen this month

• The Burning Question: How do I choose a laptop for making music?

• And much more!

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