CM114's dance samples - you won't believe your ears!

CM114 comes with possibly our best sample collection yet, 2007 dance samples created exclusively for CM by hard dance engineer Hattrixx. This collection features all the building blocks you need to create your own dance anthem: we're not just talking easy to use loops, but the basic elements such as one hit drum sounds for programming your own beats and synth textures ripe for twisting up in your soft sampler. Check out this astounding demo which amply demonstrates the collection's power:

Hattrixx 2007 Dance Samples Demo

We'll let Hattrixx himself describe how the demo was created:

"The demo was done with minimal processing. It was sequenced in an old version of Cubase with only 2 send FX (long reverb, delay), using Kontakt, HALion and RMIV. Nearly all of the inserts were free plugs - Betabugs, Kjaerhus, MG, and the like."

Check out these great samples on CM114, in shops now!