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If your finished tracks aren´t sounding as good as you know they could, check out

The Essential Guide to Mixing

, the latest

CM Special

. It´s an entire issue dedicated to demystifying the so-called ‘black art´, with a host of tips and tutorials that´ll help you rescue a bad mix or turn a good mix into a great one!

You´ll learn pro techniques to:

• Make your mixes LOUD

• Make the most of less-than-perfect source material

• Sweeten your sounds with EQ and effects

• Separate your sounds (and say goodbye to sonic mush)

• Add power and clarity to your music

• Carve out space for the vocals

• Place your instruments for best effect

• Use effects and dynamics processors like an expert

• Deal with a host of mixing problems, from dull tones and wimpy grooves to non-existent dynamics and unwanted noise

Computer Music Special 19:

The Essential Guide to Mixing

is in shops now in the UK/Europe and from 3 November in North America. To order online, go to