BeatMaker 2 – the best mobile music making app yet?

The original BeatMaker was one of the first apps that really showed off the music-making potential of Apple's iOS devices, and now developers Intua have unleashed a follow-up in the form of BeatMaker 2.

At £11.99 it's not cheap compared to many music-making apps, but its feature list is frankly spectacular. If you don't have time to watch the impressive promotional video below, here are some of the app's most impressive features:

· iPod library import

· Wave editor with 8 step undo

· Sample timestreching and pitchshifting

· Zoomable keyboard double keyboard mode

· Unlimited global effects racks

· CoreMidi support

· SoundCloud (and potentially DropBox) implementation

· Library of 1800 samples

Check out this excellent Create Digital Music piece for more info and developer chat.

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