Paco Sery and Horacio Hernandez to appear at London Festival

Drum legends Paco Sery and Horacio Hernandez are set to appear at the Findamorale music festival in London on 6-8 June.

The three-day event will take place at Charlie Wrights International (45 Pitfield Street, Hoxton, N1).

This year’s theme will be a tribute to jazz luminary Joe Zawinul, the great Austrian musician who recently passed away, through a celebration of musicians that played with his syndicate.

Scheduled performances include:
Friday 6 June: Amit Chatterjee Alliance + support
Saturday 7 June: Matthew Garrison Trio (featuring Scott Kinsey and Horacio Hernandez)  + support
Sunday 8 June: Paco Sery Band + support

To book tickets please call 0844 477 1000 or log on to

Findamorale Festival is made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council of England.

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