Exclusive Excerpt 5: Jon Hiseman's Playing The Band

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Pick up the brand new issue of Rhythm and you'll find Jon Hiseman talking all about his illustrious career behind the kit. Jon has chronicled his extensive experiences with the likes of Colosseum, Tempest and many more in his memoir Playing The Band.

Yesterday we gave you Jon's take on the end of Colosseum, and today we fast forward 33 years to their return.

33 years later…Colosseum reunite

it was a somewhat daunting undertaking, it would go well under his patronage." They agreed an informal deal and, on his return,

Jon contacted the rest of the band, discussed a set-list...and sent them all the relevant Colosseum CDs to help them re-learn their parts. The band then re-convened at Jon's studio: "We met up on 17th June 1994...I counted them in for Those About to Die and we played as if the band had never been apart! When Chris followed that with a fantastic performance of Skellington, I realised this was for real!" The depressing memory of those final days in 1971 was suddenly replaced with a sense of euphoria!

For more from Jon pick up the latest issue of Rhythm and order yourself a copy of Playing The Band.