Drum greats ready to release solo records

Cindy Blackman, Stanton Moore and Lenny White to release solo albums

Summer 2010 is shaping up to be the season of the jazz drummer solo album.

We´ve just got our hands on Cindy Blackman´s latest effort, which pays tribute to the work of the legendary Tony Williams.

Cindy said: “Tony's impact was so great on me that I celebrate him every day of my life. Every time I think about music, I celebrate Tony because I celebrate that level of virtuosity.”

The album, which is titled Another Lifetime On Four Quarters and is released in June, shows Cindy´s versatility across its 11 tracks, illustrating that she is equally adept whether laying down jazz, funk or rock beats.

It´s not just Cindy that has been working on a solo record.

Stanton Moore will release Groove Alchemy on 24 May.

The 12-track CD marks the final chapter in Stanton´s Groove Alchemy trio, which also includes an instructional book and DVD, and we can´t wait to hear it for ourselves.

As if that wasn´t enough to keep you entertained all summer long, another jazz drumming powerhouse is releasing a record in the coming months.

Lenny White, best known for his spell at the stool for Chick Corea´s Return To Forever, will release Anomaly in May.

To tide you over until then, check out Lenny in full flow in the clip below.