Ueberschall Minimal House review

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The latest Elastik Player release from Ueberschall boasts particularly succulent and inspirational content, despite some of the limitations of the software.

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Our Verdict

A great package for 'easy minimal' composers!


  • Good minimal sounds.


  • We don't like the Elastik system.
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As we keep saying of the Elastik system, we would also like to see a folder of wave files on the disc, organised by sound type for enhanced convenience, or some way to extract every sound in one go for that purpose.

This annoyance aside, Minimal House is packed with sharp percussion, decent bass, and some atmospheric textures and pads.

As per usual, we'd particularly recommend this library to lazy soundtrack composers, but if you've had your fill of the plethora of other minimal libraries on the market, this one is worth a punt.

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