Sonic Reality Triple Bass review

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Is Triple Bass three times as good as we'd hoped?

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Our Verdict

This is a useable CD with some good sounds.


  • Good sounds. Well organised bank library. Lots of tweakable options.


  • Reason only.
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The Sonic ReFills collection comprises 20 volumes of Reason soundbanks, all produced by sample veterans Sonic Reality.

As you might guess by its name, this is a set of basses, though there are more than three. The sounds are organised into patches and these are grouped into three categories: Basses, Dynamic Bass, and FX and Synth Basses.

Every single sample can also be accessed individually. Each patch loads into the Combinator and comes with EQ, compression, maximiser and effects settings.

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Tech Specs

FormatsReason ReFill
Required Hard Disk Space (MB)376