PC Publishing Ableton Live 5 Tips and Tricks

A 'must buy' for getting to grips with Ableton live.

This book is a 'must buy' for getting to grips with Ableton live. It includes helpful quotes from artists that already are using live and invaluable information and pictures on some of the MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, and plug-ins you may want to incorporate into your setup.

The book is written as if the author is sat next to you, taking you through the sections step by step. The real world examples and references to his own experiences give it depth and stop the book being another big software manual – exactly the sort of thing you couldn't be arsed to read in the first place, hence splashing out an extra tenner on this book. It's a bargain at the price and if you're looking into Ableton Live I would have to say this is a definite must. Buy this book, download the Ableton Live demo and you'll get advice and tips on where you want to take Live, whether it's for DJ'ing, sequencing or using Ableton in a performance situation, it's all there.

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4.5 / 5 stars

Helpful quotes from Live users. Invaluable information and pictures. Excellent value for money. Downloadable demo.




Whether it’s for DJ’ing, sequencing or using Ableton in a performance situation, it’s all there.


Martin Delaney


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