Discovery Sound I Love Tibet review

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Things get a little bit spiritual in this interesting sample pack

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Our Verdict

Unless you're a Tibetophile, you'll probably be left wanting more.


  • A great range of authentic Tibetan sounds.


  • Not that useful in the long term.
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We love being taken to exotic locations by Discovery Sound. This time, the famously wussy Tibet is our destination.

When they're not getting bossed around by Beijing, Tibetans just love playing their traditional instruments: the dhung (horn), gyaling (flute) and yanzin (stringed instrument).

As with all Discovery libraries, the playing and recording are top-notch, but for some reason, this disc just hasn't tickled our fancy in the same way that Indonesia - The Magic did.

It's good fun for Tibet fetishists, but if you're after something a bit more adaptable, give that Indonesian library a try.

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