Diamond-encrusted iPod earphone covers cost $60k

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Deos makes interchangeable Apple iPod or iPhone earphone covers. Yes, you read that right, if you're sick of sticking that little white earbud into your lug hole, Deos (Defining Expression Of Sound) is the company for you. We'd like to draw your attentions to: the diamond and crystal encrusted cover, yours for just $60,000.

The Deos Diamond Collection is made from diamond-studded titanium and designed to clip onto the outside of your earbud. There are three types available: the first is the more expensive cover (from $60k) with yellow, pink or black diamonds. The second, for the more cash-challenged among us, use white and black diamonds and are a complete steal at $4500.

The third, partially covered with different coloured Swarovski crystals, start at $110.

Deos diamond earphones

Deos diamond earphones

A made-up rumour has it on good authority that the reasonably well-off 50 Cent has a $60k pair on order. They'll go perfectly with the diamond iPhone, obviously.

(Via: Ubergizmo)

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