Authentic Strings at an affordable price

Wahnsyn delivers solo and ensemble instruments

Authentic Strings promises great sounds at a bargain price.

Wahnsyn is the latest software developer to manoeuvre itself into the orchestral strings plug-in market. Authentic Strings is available now and, unlike many of its rivals, has an enticingly low price tag.

Designed to enable even those with no experience of working with string instruments to get good results, Authentic Strings features separate violin, voila, cello and double bass patches.

There are also combi, pizzicato, staccato and ensemble modes - these split the four instruments across the keyboard range so that you can play them simultaneously.

For greater realism, some of the software's features can be assigned to your modulation wheel or foot controller.

Authentic Strings is sample-based and operates as a Windows VST plug-in. It costs €49.

You can download a demo and listen to audio examples on the Wahnsyn website.