Audio Technica reveals 'world's lightest' earphones

High-end headphones to entry-level buds

Audio Technica
Audiophiles 'heart' headphones

Audio Technica has unveiled a bunch of new headphones – ranging from high-end cans to entry-level buds and something in-between. The latter happens to be the "world's lightest and smallest", too…


For the audiophiles among us, we'll start with the gold-coloured ATH-A2000X ($779) and the silver ATH-A1000X ($603). Both feature 53mm-wide drivers and deliver 42-ohm impedance with an impressive 101db maximum volume. The extra $176 gets you a frequency response of 5Hz-45kHz, as opposed to the A1000X's 5Hz-42kHz.


The ATH-CK100 in-ear headphones hold the 'smallest/lightest' moniker, even if it was translated straight from Japanese. The buds are Audio Technica's first to feature a triple-driver system, and the industry's smallest In-Ear Monitor (IEM). They sit inside an ultra-light titanium housing, with a total weight of just 4 grams (0.14 ounces).

The CK100 delivers 113db, 23-ohm impedance and a frequency response of 20Hz-18kHz, which, will set you back approx $561. Whether they really are the "lightest" of their kind remains to be seen, but a quick feel of a standard iPod set does make us wonder if it really matters?


Last, and least, are the ATH-CKM30 in-ear models. They feature 10.7mm drivers, 16-ohm impedance and deliver 14Hz-24kHz response. That's all fairly standard for a $40 set, although they're available in myriad colours…

All models are expected to ship to the US on 21 November. Keep an eye on Audio-Technica's official site for more.

(Via: ipodnn)