Kanye West plans Glow In The Dark tour book

Deluxe edition coming this fall

Kanye West plans Glow In The Dark tour book
Kanye West is now an author too. No Auto-Tune necessary

We're not sure if it actually glows in the dark, but rapper and Auto-Tune-loving singer Kanye West is putting together a book about his recent Glow In The Dark tour.

Apparently, the project is so massive in scope that it's being described as a "deluxe edition."

"Kanye West has turned his talents as pop artist to books," Charlies Miers of famed book publisher Rizzolo New York told E! News.

Jam-packed with extras

The book will be jam-packed with extras, such as a CD that includes Star Wars-like symphonics from the show as well as interview withfilm director Spike Jonze. According to Miers, "It is not only a memento of one of the most successful musical performances of the year, it is an experience all its own."

OK then, we're sold. One question, though: Will the book be authored by Kanye West or the name the entertainer has recently insisted he be called, Martin Louis The King Jr?

Just curious.