TRX Cymbals add an 18" crash-ride

Following the successful intorduction of a 20" model in 2007


The TRX Cymbal Co. have announced the availability of a new 18" crash-ride cymbal, following the successfully introduction of a 20" model in 2007. TRX crash-rides are available in TRX DRK, MDM, ALT and BRT series.

"We're seeing a lot of young drummers going back to the basics with 4 and 5-piece drumkits and a more compact, more versatile cymbal set-up these days. I think this is all as part of a healthy less-is-more, music-comes-first trend," comments TRX Director of Marketing, David Levine.

"TRX 18" and 20" crash-rides with a pair of 14" hi-hats can form the foundation of a larger cymbal set yet they can give a modern rock drummer all the sound, rhythm and power he or she needs without breaking their backs or bank accounts."

TRX 18" crash-rides have a suggested retail price of $350. In addition, a TRX combo pack that includes 18" and 20" crash-rides, a pair of 14" hi-hats and a free, limited edition cymbal bag is also being offered. Visit TRX Cymbals for more information.