Who’ll headline Glastonbury 2010?

NME.com has published a list of possible Glasto 2010 headliners that includes Madness, Muse, U2, Rolling Stones and...ahem...Red Hot Chilli Peppers (sic – who said NME could spell?)

Any takers?

Rolling Stones 4/1
Coldplay 8/1
David Bowie 8/1
Muse 10/1
U2 12/1
Artic Monkeys 12/1
Radiohead 14/1
Prince 16/1
Elton John 16/1
Red Hot Chilli Peppers 16/1
Kings Of Leon 16/1
Green Day 20/1
Robbie Williams 20/1
Stone Roses 20/1
Madness 25/1
Spandau Ballet 25/1
Manic Street Preachers 25/1
Take That 33/1
Oasis 33/1
Fuck Buttons 1500/1

We made the last one up, although the band is real.

Odds from NME.com and William Hill.

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