Computer Music 138 – The CM Guide to Cubase 5

Computer Music 138, May issue, on sale now! The CM Guide to Cubase 5, make a complete hip-hop track, Deekline & Wizard Producer Masterclass, 2057 samples and Meldaproduction MDrummer2 CM on the disc, and much more!

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• Meldaproduction MDrummer2 CM

A special edition of the amazing virtual drummer VST plug-in for PC, packed with pro-quality kits and beats!

• 2057 samples
Create bin-busting productions with this massive collection of hip-hop sounds, including drums, bass, vocals, lead lines and more!

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Deekline & Wizard
CM's daring cameraman enters the studio of legendary production duo to find out how they nailed the polished underground dance sound of their track Keep It Pushing. They even create a whole new version of the track, calling on vocal veteran Vic Bynoe to lay down fresh vocals.


• The CM Guide to Cubase 5
Master the new features of Steinberg's iconic powerhouse DAW with our massive guide! Learn how to create rhythms with Beat Designer; slice audio loops into Groove Agent One kits; use VariAudio to correct a sub-par performance; get a handle on VST Expression and make your own Expression Maps; go crazy with LoopMash, and more!

• Hip-Hop Masterclass
Learn everything you need to know about modern hip-hop production and mixing! Our huge guide takes you through the creation of a complete track, from fundamentals like thumping beats and bumping basslines, on through to slick synths and vocals, before getting stuck in to the arrangement and that all-important final mixdown.

• Fischerspooner interviewed
The CM-reading duo discuss their varied work habits, from their 'plastic plan' phase to the more organic sounds of their new album, Entertainment.

• Ableton Live 8 & Akai APC40 hands-on!
We get our grubby hands on the Live 8 beta and the very first pre-production model of the Akai APC40 Live controller to bring you our early impressions. Read about all the great new features right here!

• Reviewed!
Native Instruments Maschine • Renoise Software Renoise 2.0 • iZotope Ozone 4 • PSP Audioware sQuad • D16 Group Redoptor • Universal Audio Moog Multimode Filter • Universal Audio Harrison 32C • FabFilter Twin 2 …and more

• Massive Sound Design: Give your tracks extra girth!
• Single Minded: How to get your name out there without breaking the bank
• Guitar Lab: We kick off a four-part amp sim masterclass with Line 6's Pod Farm
• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida recreates space-age sound effects with self-oscillating filters
• Off The Dial: Create elastic, plastic, fantastic music with rachMiel's how-to
• The Easy Guide: Delve into the details of rhythmic divisions
• The Burning Question: How viable is online collaboration
• And much more!

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