Video: Joe Bonamassa on moving around the fretboard

One of the reasons why Joe Bonamassa has made such an impact, in an age where new guitar heroes are few and far between, is that he is always looking for ways to expand his playing beyond standard blues licks. One of his favourite methods for achieving this is to move outside of the standard 'box' position of the pentatonic scale. It's an approach that all guitarists can benefit from.

In this video lesson Joe starts off by demonstrating a clichéd blues/rock lick. He follows it by playing a lick that starts in a similar position on the guitar, but then moves all around the guitar's fretboard.

If you want more video you can watch Joe Bonamassa showing you his live rig. You can also visit the official Joe Bonamassa website or the official Joe Bonamassa Myspace page.


If you want to learn Joe's licks then check out our full tab. If you don't know what tab is, or have never used it before, you can download MusicRadar's guitar tab guide to help you.


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