Kaki King on the acoustic guitar

Kaki King s playing features percussive elements fingerpicking and tapping
Kaki King's playing features percussive elements, fingerpicking and tapping

In this video lesson, MusicRadar chats to singer, songwriter and all-round acoustic expert Kaki King - a woman who's fast making a name for herself.

As well as the success of her most recent album Dreaming Of Revenge, Kaki has guested on the Foo Fighters album Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace and received a Golden Globe Award nomination for the music she wrote for the film Into The Wild. She's been named as a Guitar God by Rolling Stone magazine and it's easy to see why - check out her spectacular percussive playing on Playing With Pink Noise and her lap steel work on Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers for starters.

Her new album Dreaming Of Revenge is out now on Cooking Vinyl Records and the new single Pull Me Out Alive is due out on June 16th 2008. For more information visit the official Kaki King website.

In this video we chat to Kaki about guitars, tunings and technique, but stay tuned for the next part of the video, where Kaki will be giving an in-depth breakdown of her techniques.