VIDEO: How to play Muse's Time Is Running Out on drums

ben Powell takes us through Muse's Time Is Running Out
ben Powell takes us through Muse's Time Is Running Out

Ben Powell has become somewhat of a YouTube sensation thanks in part to his penchant for demonstrating the drum parts of Muse songs with meticulous detail. So who better to take MusicRadar's drumming fraternity through Muse's massive Time Is Running Out?

Check out the video above to see Ben play the entire track, followed by a 12-part breakdown (starting at 4:20). Here's a quick guide to the breakdown (the timings represent the seconds on the track, not the video)…

Section 1: 0:00-0:40
Section 2: 0.40-0.56
Section 3: 0.56-1.10
Section 4: 1.10-1.21
Section 5: 1.21-1:45
Section 6 (the tom fill): 1:45-2:01
Section 7: 2:01-2:18
Section 8: 2:18-2:34
Section 9: 2:34-2:58
Section 10: 2:58-3:14
Section 11: 3:14-3:30
Section 12: 3:46-3:58

You can find more videos like this on Ben's YouTube channel, or you can get in touch with him via Facebook or Twitter. He's also available for session work, so hit him up here ( if you're interested.