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Improve your drumming with Rod Morgenstein

"Open your mind and your beats will follow," says Morgenstein
"Open your mind and your beats will follow," says Morgenstein

In this exclusive video lesson, Rod Morgenstein - celebrated drummer for The Dixie Dregs - shows you how you can spice up your rock playing by incorporating other genres and influences.

"In all of my years of playing and teaching, I've noticed that many rock drummers get stuck in a rut," says Morgenstein. "They stay with the same basic grooves and are hesitant to open themselves up to other flavors and colors."

In this video, Morgenstein demonstrates how jazz and Latin music elements can perk up rock beats. "And don't be afraid that you'll lose your 'rock edge,'" says Morgenstein. "With a few more textures to your playing, you can still blow the roof off any joint, but in a more exciting way."

Rod Morgenstein is an original member of the six-time Grammy nominated fusion band Dixie Dregs, multi-platinum heavy metal group Winger and the jam band Jazz Is Dead, among others. In addition, Morgenstein is a Professor Of Percussion at Berklee College of Music.

Morgenstein has written hunreds of articles for magazines such as Rhythm. He has also authored two books, The Drumset Musician and Drum Set Warm Ups.