WIN one of two Spear Gladius guitars!

This month, two lucky readers will ‘spear´ a brand-spanking new guitar each!

Spear guitar2

Spear guitar

To celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of the Spear Gladius electric guitar in the UK, the generous folk at Black i Distribution (01236 861261/ have given us a pair of limited edition Gladius models for two lucky TG readers.

The Gladius P (£349, pictured left) rocks a mahogany body with a white finished highlighted with black go-faster stripes. It also features a Licensed Floyd Rose vibrato, a pair of EMG HZ ´buckers and an Indian rosewood board with a sword inlay.

The Gladius HT Scratched Metal (£349, right) is a hardtail metal guitar with EMG HZ pickups. The guitar´s eye-catching finish is achieved with black paint sprayed over a silver base coat. The black topcoat is then scratched by hand to create hundreds of tiny silver lines. Thanks to the hand finishing each Gladius HT Scratched Metal is unique.

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PLEASE NOTE: Under 16s must obtain parental consent to enter this competition and be able to demonstrate this to Total Guitar's reasonable satisfaction