TG192 On Sale Now feat. Kings Of Leon's ONLY UK Guitar Interview!

Total Guitar

's September issue is on sale in stores NOW with a raft of incredible tab and practical features to help YOU play better.

TG192 features the only UK guitar interview with cover stars Kings Of Leon, in which frontman Caleb Followill talks fame, his Nashville homecoming and life after their worldwide smash album 'Only By The Night'.

We count down the Top 5 iPhone Apps For Guitarists, and reveal the biggest Stars Of Youtube, the guitarists who have achieved massive fame online and how you can do the same.

Within the pages Europe's biggest selling guitar mag there is something for everyone, from blues, blues, funk and reggae to rock, metal and punk. It's the only magazine dedicated to making you the best player you can be!

Plus there's a raft of awesome tab including Kings Of Leon's huge new hit 'Notion', Pantera's' rifftastic 'Cowboys From Hell' and the solo to Journey's 80s classic 'Don't Stop Believing'.

Also in this issue, we group test the retro guitars that are making a comeback and check out Blackstar's incredible Series One 45 combo amp in our industry leading gear section.

We delve into the classic rock archives to take a look at Motley Crue's notorious 'Dr Feelgood' album 20 years after it was recorded, and uncover this year's biggest ska reunion with The Specials' Roddy Radiation.

Our experts show you how to get started playing both acoustic and electric guitar with easy video lessons, Firewind's shred guru Gus G shows you how to develop your string skipping fluency and we delve into the unique sounds and technique of Michaell Jackson guitarist Jennifer Batten.

Also tabbed this issue:

Strum along to Nickelback's rousing anthem 'If Today Was Your Last Day'

Kasabian's 'Fire'

Learn how to play FIVE classic 80s solos from Bon Jovi, Journey, Europe, The Cult, and Skid Row.

Stick the CD in your stereo or computer, listen to the audio lessons and play along with the backing tracks!

We also answer your technique and theory questions in our Q&A section and test your improvising skills with Rockschool Track 'All Funked Up'

Along with our exclusive regular video lessons with Paul Gilbert, and advice on how to keep your axe in tip top shape in Ed's Shed, it makes a pretty tasty package for £4.99!

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